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Cutlery Masters®”Legendary Blades: American Sportsmen’s Collection”

(28 customer reviews)

Original price was: $349.99.Current price is: $175.00.

  • Made with superior stainless steel for lasting sharpness and rust resistance.
  • Ideal for a range of activities, from cooking and camping to hunting and hiking.
  • Designed for comfort and a secure grip, minimizing hand fatigue.
  • Tough enough for both outdoor adventures and daily kitchen tasks.
  • Perfect for chefs and outdoor lovers who value quality tools.
  • A Knife Set for Every Adventure, beyond the kitchen.

Cutlery Masters: Crafting Excellence – The Ultimate Collection for Culinary and Outdoor Mastery

Step into the world of exceptional craftsmanship with Cutlery Masters, where our commitment to unparalleled quality meets the diverse needs of culinary artists and outdoor adventurers. American Sportsmen’s Collection our Ultimate Knife Collection, a testament to this dedication, features specialized tools for a variety of purposes: the Bowie Knife, Hunting Knife, Axe, and Skinning Knife.

Bowie Knife: The Bowie Knife in our collection is a symbol of robust elegance, designed for those who appreciate a blend of historical significance and modern functionality. Ideal for various outdoor activities, it offers strength and precision, making it a versatile tool for any challenge.

Hunting Knife: Our Hunting Knife is an essential tool for the outdoor enthusiast. Crafted for durability and efficiency, it’s a reliable partner for hunting expeditions, ensuring precision and robustness in the wild.


The Axe, a key component of our collection, is perfect for bushcraft and outdoor survival. Its sturdy design and balanced weight make it ideal for chopping, splitting, and a variety of other tasks, ensuring reliability in the most demanding conditions.

Skinning Knife: Tailored for finesse and accuracy, our Skinning Knife is crucial for the intricate task of skinning. Its design ensures clean and efficient cuts, making it an indispensable tool for hunters and chefs alike.

At American Sportsmen’s Collection by Cutlery Masters, we believe in creating tools that are extensions of your skill and passion. Each item in our collection is forged from premium materials, ensuring durability, sharpness, and resistance to corrosion. The ergonomic design of each tool promises a comfortable, secure grip, enhancing the efficiency of every task.

We stand by our excellence with a guarantee of satisfaction and durability. These tools are crafted to accompany you on countless adventures and culinary journeys. Embrace the art of fine tool-making with our Ultimate Knife Collection. Where each cut, chop, and slice is a step towards perfection. Begin your journey towards excellence today with Cutlery Masters.

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 8 × 8 in

28 reviews for Cutlery Masters®”Legendary Blades: American Sportsmen’s Collection”

  1. adler

    great quality. not a chinese crap

  2. Bella

    Have had these for over a year now and I still love them. They cut great and sharpen easily.

  3. Darkfossit

    Super sharp knives be careful when using I use it my go to knives for chopping and burning

  4. tammy ernst

    Nice weight to them. Comfortable handle. Very sharp. Easy to grip.

  5. Amanda

    I absolutely love these knives. They are very well made and worth every penny. I have yet to find something they cannot cut.

  6. Tara Donovan

    My husband has been looking for knives like these. We bought him these for his birthday and he LOVES them.

  7. betty m.

    Very sharp and easy to handle. Definitely a great set for the price you pay.

  8. Leslie Bowling

    Beautiful sharp knives

  9. melany

    looks nice, handle is well crafted..
    blade is sharp but i was expecting a thicker blade, so far so good i hope it last long.

  10. suzan

    Love my knives… Cut everything with them

  11. andres

    Love all the knives and the customer service is excellent!

  12. thomas

    Excellent knife my only disappointment was the fitment of the handle, didn’t quite fit as well as the other knives I received. But it’s a great knife and I would definitely recommend it to anybody. Looking forward to my next purchase.

  13. linda

    Cuts really smooth. Easy to handle. Takes an edge easily.

  14. thomas

    This is great for those flater type meats, like a flat iron or flank steak. Also good for chopping or dicing anything.

  15. william j baize

    Gave them out as gifts they seemed to like them.

  16. Abby Bertholf

    This was a gift for my son, a meat cutter at a local supermarket.

  17. crystal

    They work great still. Love them

  18. Mary L Cunningham

    These work great and are an excellent value for the cost. It Sharpens easily and holds a nice edge.

  19. Greg

    Time will tell seems to hold a sharp edge.

  20. Mona Sarratt Knight

    Bought for my son’s birthday. He loves them.

  21. Scott McKinney

    Better than I expected to be honest. Very shap has some weight to them. Would buy again.

  22. Dr. Dartessa Joseph-Robinson

    Best knife set I’ve ever owned.

  23. Christopher

    Best barbecue sent Blaze I’ve ever had

  24. George H.

    Very sharp.. should come with bandaids!

  25. Hector Laborin

    It is perfect what I looking for, I’m sure will be a great tool for my next camping

  26. IvanaVodka

    These knives are a great value. They look beautiful on my counter and excellent for food prep.

  27. Maribeth B.

    I am totally impressed with this Knife Set. Quality through and through. Good investment.

  28. VanHorn

    They are great

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American Sportsmen's CollectionCutlery Masters®”Legendary Blades: American Sportsmen’s Collection”
Original price was: $349.99.Current price is: $175.00.