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Cutlery Masters® The Ultimate Edge of Adventure Knife Set

(28 customer reviews)

Original price was: $349.99.Current price is: $174.99.

  • Made with superior stainless steel for lasting sharpness and rust resistance.
  • Ideal for a range of activities, from cooking and camping to hunting and hiking.
  • Designed for comfort and a secure grip, minimizing hand fatigue.
  • Tough enough for both outdoor adventures and daily kitchen tasks.
  • Perfect for chefs and outdoor lovers who value quality tools.
  • A Knife Set for Every Adventure, beyond the kitchen.

Embark on a journey of unparalleled craftsmanship with Cutlery Masters, where our dedication to quality meets the diverse needs of culinary artists and outdoor enthusiasts. Our Ultimate Knife Collection is a testament to this commitment, featuring Adventure Knife Set for a variety of purposes: the Bowie Knife, Bushcraft Knife, Hunting Knife, Skinning Knife, and Tactical Folding Knife.

Bowie Knife: Our Bowie Knife, a symbol of robust elegance, is designe for those who value historical significance blended with modern functionality. Ideal for various outdoor activities, it offers unmatched strength and precision.

Bushcraft Knife:

The Bushcraft Knife in our collection is essential for wilderness survival and bushcraft skills. Crafted for resilience and adaptability, it excels in outdoor scenarios, making it a must-have for bushcraft enthusiasts.

Hunting Knife: For the outdoor adventurer, our Hunting Knife is indispensable. Designed for durability and efficiency, it’s a reliable partner for hunting expeditions, ensuring precision and robustness in the wild.

Skinning Knife: Our Skinning Knife is tailore for finesse and accuracy, crucial for the intricate task of skinning. Its design ensures clean and efficient cuts, making it an essential tool for hunters and chefs alike.

Tactical Folding Knife: The Tactical Folding Knife combines versatility and agility, perfect for tactical situations and everyday use. Its sturdy functionality combined with ease of folding. Makes it a versatile choice for any challenge.

At Cutlery Masters, we create knives that are extensions of your skill and passion. Each knife is forged from premium materials, ensuring durability, sharpness, and resistance to corrosion. The ergonomic design promises a comfortable, secure grip, enhancing the efficiency of every task.

We stand by our commitment to excellence with a guarantee of satisfaction and durability. These Adventure Knife Set are designe to go on many culinary explorations and adventures with you. Embrace the art of fine knife-making with our Ultimate Knife Collection, where each cut, slice, and chop is a step towards perfection. Begin your journey towards excellence today with Cutlery Masters.


Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 8 × 8 in

28 reviews for Cutlery Masters® The Ultimate Edge of Adventure Knife Set

  1. Tiza

    It is SOO easy to cut with these knives because they are so sharp! Still, you have to be careful you don’t cut yourself.

  2. Frank

    I bought these knives as a gift for my Father and these knives are the quite literally the only knives we use on a daily basis, they’re very sharp and very easy to hold.

  3. Micah H.

    A very nice set. They are working out just fine. Super sharp!

  4. Kinsey

    These knives are very sharp and high quality. We use daily for about 3 weeks now, and it is not showing my signs of dulling yet.

  5. Beth Nunes

    I would buy it again. It looks very sturdy so far…

  6. John Custer

    It is easy to use , stays sharp , the knive is well balanced which makes it easy to use

  7. Oliver S.

    Came in sharp and ready to go, fantastic set for somebody with limited space. They are weighty and great to use.

  8. Patty Parsons

    I didn’t have high expectations for the price point, but my step-son had a set that I tried and I was very surprised. They are very sharp and hold an edge!

  9. James

    If you’re considering buying these knives, just do it!
    They are sharp, comfortable in the hand, and quite good quality.

  10. Amy Collins

    Wow. Buy these knives! The grip & weight is perfect, very easy to use. They are sharp in looks and actually sharp 😉 We received them as a gift & love ‘em! They arrive in a nice case too.

  11. Colleen Volkmann

    Perfect and good quality knives.

  12. Sunshine L.

    I purchased this set for my son . He was beyond excited to receive these knives. Great value for the price.

  13. Sylvie Sawyer

    Stay sharp for a very long time durably well made. Awesome knives, looking forward to purchasing my second set.😀 👌

  14. Patrick

    These knives are high-quality, very sharp and easy to use. The handles sit well in my hand. They are excellent knives for the price. I highly recommend them!

  15. Alexander

    We purchased this knife set as a gift for our sons 20th birthday. He loves to cook and he loved receiving these. I have these same knives but without the carrying case.

  16. Gregory

    Knives are good balance in hand and easy cleanining. Received as a gift….great!

  17. Jake

    They come incredibly sharp out of the box, feel solid when you use them. Overall worth the money.

  18. grag

    Great knife for meats and steaks. Holds its edges very nicely

  19. roy

    Excellent knife
    Manegable and very sharp

  20. sebastian

    This knife makes quick work of my food prep!

  21. david

    I LOVE THIS KNIFE, I own and Bed and Breakfast in Fort Myers, Fl. I use this knife everyday so I purchased another one for my home.

  22. Colleen Volkmann

    These knives are very sharp & cut beautifully. I would recommend that you need knives, these are the only ones that you should buy!

  23. george

    Excellent knife my only disappointment was the fitment of the handle, didn’t quite fit as well as the other knives I received. But it’s a great knife and I would definitely recommend it to anybody. Looking forward to my next purchase.

  24. linda

    Great knife! The only thing is the button on the sheath broke right away. The knife is WONDERFUL QUALITY though.

  25. Carolyn

    I bought this set as my travel set. Very basic but good quality knives for the price. I love that I can finally have my own tools where ever I go to cook.

  26. valencia

    Hands down the best knife for quick cutting I’ve used. Having big hands finding a knife with heft and blade size efficiency was hard. This knife was the best money spent on cutlery in my life.

  27. sebastian

    Came super sharp and it is super well made! 5 star for sure!!

  28. dimitri

    Pleasantly surprised at quality of the knife. I have bought hand made knives fir over 30 yrs, this one exceeded my expectations l. The only downside was the blade polish could have been better. The weight and balance of the knife is excellent. I am overall very happy snd consider it an excellent invest. I would recommend snd personally buy again.

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Adventure Knife SetCutlery Masters® The Ultimate Edge of Adventure Knife Set
Original price was: $349.99.Current price is: $174.99.