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Cutlery Masters® “Artisan Blades: Collectibles”

(47 customer reviews)

Original price was: $399.99.Current price is: $199.99.

  • Made with superior stainless steel for lasting sharpness and rust resistance.
  • Ideal for a range of activities, from cooking and camping to hunting and hiking.
  • Designed for comfort and a secure grip, minimizing hand fatigue.
  • Tough enough for both outdoor adventures and daily kitchen tasks.
  • Perfect for chefs and outdoor lovers who value quality tools.
  • A Knife Set for Every Adventure, beyond the kitchen.

Cutlery Masters’ Elite Blades: Versatility Unleashed

Discover the pinnacle of knife craftsmanship with Cutlery Masters Artisan Blades: Collectibles, where our dedication to unparalleled quality meets the diverse needs of both culinary artists and outdoor enthusiasts. Our Ultimate Knife Collection is meticulously crafte, featuring specialized knives for every purpose: the Bowie Knife, Hunting Knife, Skinning Knife, and the Tactical Folding Knife.

Bowie Knife: A symbol of robust elegance, our Bowie Knife is designe for those who appreciate a blend of historical significance and modern functionality. It’s perfect for various outdoor activities, offering both strength and precision.

Hunting Knife: For the outdoor adventurer, our Hunting Knife is an essential. Crafted for durability and efficiency, it’s your reliable partner for all hunting expeditions, ensuring precision in every cut.

Skinning Knife: The Skinning Knife in our collection is tailored for finesse and accuracy, essential for the intricate task of skinning. Its design ensures clean and efficient cuts, making it a vital tool for hunters and chefs alike.

Tactical Folding Knife: Our Tactical Folding Knife is the epitome of versatility and agility. Ideal for tactical situations and everyday use, it combines ease of folding with robust functionality, ready for any challenge.

At Cutlery Masters Collectibles,

we believe in creating knives that are not just tools, but extensions of your skill and passion. Each knife in our collection is forged from premium materials, ensuring durability, sharpness, and resistance to corrosion. The ergonomic design promises a comfortable, secure grip, enhancing the joy and efficiency of every task for Cutlery Masters Collectibles.

We stand by our commitment to excellence with a guarantee of satisfaction and durability. These knives are built to accompany you on countless adventures and culinary journeys. Embrace the art of fine knife-making with our Ultimate Knife Collection and transform your experiences. Each cut, slice, and chop is a step towards perfection, a moment where quality meets purpose. Begin your journey towards excellence today with Cutlery Masters Artisan Blades: Collectibles. .

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 8 × 8 in

47 reviews for Cutlery Masters® “Artisan Blades: Collectibles”

  1. Olivia

    Super-sharp knives be careful when using it. I use it my go-to knives for chopping and burning

  2. Holly B.

    These knives are super sharp. I’ve only had to sharpen a few but so far so good.

  3. Walter L.

    Great set of knives. They cut like butter!! Highly recommend.

  4. Brandon

    Sharp and precise! The cutting edge on these knives is fantastic

  5. Heather

    Cut beautifully, & the sharpening block is absolutely awesome & handy!

  6. Lynn St Martin

    This is the 3rd set of knives I’ve bought as gifts. I own them myself and think they are so good I give them to my family as gifts. Great quality, you can’t go wrong with Henckels.

  7. Stephen

    I love these knives and decided to get them after trying my daughters set. Just be careful they are really sharp.

  8. Rodney hall

    I love how sharp and well theses knives cut! Haven’t even used the sharpener yet!!!

  9. John

    I bought 2 sets and I love the quality. The knives are sharp and extremely solid build. Perfect addition to my collection.

  10. Joseph C.

    If a gift, recipient will be impressed.
    They are packaged very slick and seem to be much more valuable than what they cost.

  11. Mary

    This was a gift and she loved them and I think they’re worth the money

  12. Jeff Harding

    This is a beautiful handcrafted knife…very sharp….very glad to have it in my collection……

  13. Kari

    These work great and are an excellent value for the cost. Sharpens easily and holds a nice edge.

  14. Twandalu

    Much better that expected. Nice to hold and does the job well

  15. Mona Sarratt

    Bought for my son’s birthday. He loves them.

  16. Melvin thomas

    Very easy to clean and very sharp. I like it and would highly recommend it to anyone.

  17. Nancy Howard

    I love that they self-sharpen; they are excellent. My husband uses them every day.

  18. Sheila

    Excellent knives, totally worth the money…. So sharp. Made super well.The blade goes to the handle, forging a well. For the money, you cant beat it.

  19. Madame Lucy

    I purchased these as a Christmas gift for my son at his request. He has used them several times with his Traeger grill and loves the feel of them in his hand, and their efficiency of use.

  20. Scott McKinney

    Better than I expected to be honest. Very shap has some weight to them. Would buy again.

  21. James W.

    These knives are robust and practical. Used them extensively, and they’ve retained sharpness remarkably well. A reliable investment.

  22. Nicholas

    Great set of knives for the price! They are razor sharp and I love using them for everyday outdoor work.

  23. Mark T.

    The knives’ high-quality build and razor-sharp blades speak volumes about their craftsmanship. Impressive performance and worth every dollar spent.”

  24. Margaret Haddad

    I gave it as a birthday gift. She loves the set

  25. Scott McKinney

    Better than I expected, to be honest. Every shape has some weight to it. I would buy again.

  26. AnnMarie

    Super knives for a super price!

  27. LaLu

    This set is beautiful and highly functional! So many options and easy to sharpen!

  28. Aiden

    Fantastic set—durable, versatile, and a kitchen essential!

  29. Victoria A. Nallia

    This is a Christmas Gift for my Daughter. I like it so much I’ll likely be in the market for myself. I’ll be watching the sale pricing

  30. Shirley

    These work great and are an excellent value for the cost. Sharpens easily and holds a nice edge.

  31. Loribc

    I love how it comes in its own carrying case. Knives are sharp. Very sturdy

  32. Amanda

    I absolutely love these knives. They are very well made and worth every penny. I have yet to find something they cannot cut.

  33. Tara Donovan

    My husband has been looking for knives like these. We bought him these for his birthday and he LOVES them. They’re great quality, VERY sharp and work amazing.

  34. Hector Laborin

    It is perfect what I looking for, I’m sure will be a great tool for my next camping

  35. Jason

    These are high-quality knives. Lightweight and super sharp. Made me a happy cook at home.

  36. Brenda

    These knives are sharp, beautiful, durable, and reliable. Highly, highly recommend.

  37. Joan E. Sauer

    nice-looking set of knives. Very sharp! I’m 68 years old and I’ve never had a good set of knives. I took a chance on these and I’m glad I did!

  38. Robyn

    These knives are excellent. Delivery was on time and item is as described. Super sharp and dishwasher safe.

  39. Ronald

    I was happy with the quality and sharpness of these knives.

  40. Janie S.

    Right, they are great–they are very sharp and cut very good.

  41. Nicholas

    Very nice knives. Excellent price. Highly recommended.

  42. Angela

    My husband wanted these for his birthday and they did not disappoint. Sharp, classy and very well made!

  43. Jimmy O.

    I gave these to my daughter, who is in culinary arts in college; she loves them.

  44. Shima

    I really like these knives, all in one set, very sharp with comfort handles.

  45. Jonathan

    Super sharp knives be careful when using I use it my go to knives for chopping and burning

  46. William Nelson

    Really nice and very sharp knives at a great price.

  47. Liz

    These knives are fantastic! It’s definitely a great knife for the price.

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Original price was: $399.99.Current price is: $199.99.